10 Killer Blog Headlines You Should Be Using Right Now

Good blog headlines can be challenging to come up with, especially if you're incorporating solid SEO tactics. However, your blog headline is the first thing that people see, and it determines whether people will actually click through to read your post, or scroll past it. Your blog headline needs … [Read more...]

Massive List of Keyword Research Tools for Bloggers

One of the biggest struggles that bloggers face is getting traffic to their blogs. Perhaps one of the best ways to get blog traffic is through SEO, but which keyword research tools should you be using? A lot of bloggers and online marketers stopped focusing on SEO because Google’s keyword tools … [Read more...]

Where Can I Find My New Blog?

Many new bloggers get their blog set up, make their first post, and then go to Google to try and find it. Of course they won't find it there, since it's not going to be there. But inevitably they think something's wrong. That's when they reach out to us and ask "where can I find my … [Read more...]

When Will My New Blog Show Up In Google?

So many people start a new blog and give up just a few days later when they can't find their new blog in Google. Guess what... That's like a guy buying himself a new suit, and getting mad two days later because he's not suddenly a GQ cover model. Or a girl buying a new outfit and getting mad … [Read more...]