Why Content Spinning Can Destroy Your Blog

Content is king on the Internet. If you don’t have great content your readers are going to head over to the competition to find the information they need. The problem with content is that it takes so long to create it. Because of this, developers came out with the “Content Spinner.” Content spinners are designed to flip certain words within your text so the article is not flagged as duplicate content by the search engines. Sounds great, right? Wrong. Content spinning can be devastating to your blog. If you have ever considered buying a content spinner, here are a few reasons you might want to hold off.

Why You Need Video Marketing On Your Blog

Video marketing is what Wall Street Journal has referred to as a platform that will be one of the “best performing formats for online marketing”. Other similar studies have only further supported this fact, stating that video marketing delivers almost three times higher the brand awareness and message association than any other method (such as Flash […]