Social Media 101: Recommended Social Media Sites

What is Social Media? At its core, social media is simply the exchange and sharing of ideas and information through technology. Social media is about sharing, connecting, and building relationships. Unlike traditional media, it's a two-way communication. It not only allows you to broadcast your … [Read more...]

WordPress: How To Add Images To Your Blog Posts (& Where To Get Them…)

Images are critical for making your blog look amazing, but they can also be the most daunting part of blogging. To keep it simple, I recommend adding a "featured image" only (until you're more comfortable). Lining up images within your posts can make you crazy! When you do feel comfortable … [Read more...]

WordPress Video Tutorial – Personalize Your Blog (Themes, Widgets, And Menus)

New to WordPress? The following WordPress Video Tutorial will walk you through setting up your theme, managing widgets, and creating custom navigation menus. WordPress Video Tutorial 1 - Changing Your Blog's Theme For step-by-step instructions on changing your blog's theme and when we recommend … [Read more...]