When Will My New Blog Show Up In Google?

So many people start a new blog and give up just a few days later when they can't find their new blog in Google. Guess what... That's like a guy buying himself a new suit, and getting mad two days later because he's not suddenly a GQ cover model. Or a girl buying a new outfit and getting mad … [Read more...]

Advertising 101 – How to Kick Ass and Make Money with Online Advertising on Your Blog

Advertising on your blog can be a very lucrative and attractive income stream if you learn how to do it correctly. It can be much more complicated than just throwing up an ad for something on your site and expecting people to click on it and purchase something. It just does not always happen this … [Read more...]

6 Rules Of Successful People

Success is measured differently by everyone - each person has their own unique vision of success. What one person believes is the "top," another person believes is just another step to an even higher goal. And there's nothing wrong with that! Each person has to decide ultimately what "success" means … [Read more...]

5 Questions To Answer Before You Start Blogging

Before You Start Blogging, Answer These 5 Questions Don't make the mistake of jumping into blogging with blinders on. Before you start blogging, take the time to answer the questions below. That way when you do get started, things will flow much more smoothly. 1. What is the main topic of your … [Read more...]